One Step Up From A Lab Rat

A Diabetics Personal Journey Through an Islet Cell Transplant

The Story


“One Step Up From A Lab Rat” documents a journey through the Islet transplant process from a patient’s point of view.  It allows the reader to be part of a medical breakthrough while exposing the deepest thoughts and emotions of a critically ill person who is dependent on the success of research.  From testing to transplants, it entails all that prevailed on the road to achieving the seemingly elusive goal of “life”. 

The book reveals the feelings associated with coming to terms with ones’ own mortality; fighting to be part of a revolutionary protocol; fear of the unknown; the disappointment of graft failure; the trials and jubilant tribulations encountered while on the road to attaining complete glycemic control.

It will make you appreciate the people who dedicate their life to science and the strength of the human spirit.