One Step Up From A Lab Rat

A Diabetics Personal Journey Through an Islet Cell Transplant

The Author


Excerpt from the book:

As part of a human trial in a research protocol “One Step Up From a Lab Rat” is unequivocally what you are.  Human trials are a select group of people who will follow in the research process once animal trials are successfully completed, and federal government approval has been granted to proceed.  At times there are no clear answers when issues arise, and they can be just as puzzling to the research team, as they are a frightening concern to the patient.  Participating is a leap of faith, since no previous data is available to base your decision on, and there are no guarantees for success.

This compilation of events leads up to a pinnacle moment in history for myself, and any person inflicted with brittle (uncontrollable) diabetes.  With little hope for a personal future, I received what everyone struggling with labile (erratic) blood sugars would consider an elusive gift: complete glycemic control (euglycemia).

“Marcelissen taunts readers to understand the illness, and the recovery.”  

Tom Spears,
Ottawa Citizen